The 40 Year reunion is  almost a week away (October 13)! Look who is attending!

About the Who's Coming Page
By default this list reflects anyone who has as RSVP'd that they plan to attend any or all three reunion events. To see who has RSVP'd for a specific event, select that event from the dropdown list.

This list will be updated every time someone RSVPs (on the
RSVP page of this web site) . By default this list is sorted by Name at Graduation (you can change the sort setting). Please note that guests of classmates are not included in the RSVP listing; there will not be a checkmark for the guest in the RSVP column even if a ticket has been purchased for that guest.

Some guests are not attending the reunion on Saturday October 13 but may be attending the Friday pre-reunion or Sunday post-reunion events. A lot of people have not RSVP'd for the Friday pre-reunion or Sunday post-reunion events so the list is likely understated. 

Have You RSVP'd? If Not, Please Do
If you haven't RSVP'd yet please do so (click on the RSVP link). This will help the Reunion Planning Committee finalize event details. We hope you can attend!

Purchase Your Ticket Today!
If you plan to attend and haven't yet purchased your ticket visit the Purchase Tickets page. Tickets are on sale until October 5. No tickets will be not sold at the door.

This page was updated on 10/5/18.

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Guest RSVP'd Purchased Tickets
Kathleen Dong (Dong)
Shelly Blanshei (Blanshei)
Scott Herrick
Lance Blanshei
Robert Berry
Cindy Bargas
Ron Iverson
Wayne Hoy
Ron Cooper
Nancy Campbell (Yaeger)
Ryan Ledwith
Tom Yaeger
Jeff Sasagawa (sasagawa)
Andrea Williams, Clarke (Haines)
Christopher Watkins
Tanya Gulevich
Heather Angeloff
Rosemary Anderson (Brassea)
Michael Lara
Karim Abdella
Patty Morgan (Abdella)
Cindy Long (Vincent)
Shelly Font (Blanshei)
Jeffrey Jacklich
Greg Simons
Kris Lowe
Dilshad Simons
Bill Lowe
Jan Beatie (Madden)
Susan Prescott
Scott Werry
Dave Gillespie
Susan Frayne
Zeta Khundkar
Patti Werry
Dave Weir
Michele Shockey
Sandra Brown (McBride)
Elizabeth Dement (Dement)
Ben Sloane
Jim Embleton
Afrid Ghoffrani
Daniel Zatz
Cathy Supan (Prentice)
Patty Arney (McInturff)
Susan Taber (Avila)
David Gray
Jamie Hackel (Hyams)
Cathy Barnett
Brian Dahlquist
Laurie Birkel (McCaskill)
Ron Berthiaume
Steven Nelson
Stacey Kravitz (Martin)
Susie Creek (Gillespie)
Larry Caldera
Steve Eisner
Wendy Campbell (Nelson)
Sharon Hayes
Leslie Haning (Reschenberg)
Dawn Fairchild (Fairchild)
Robert Sutherland
Cindy Maloney (Sessions)
Leanne Haney
Jennifer Allen (Allen)
Paul Hochscheid
Ann Butterfield
Joseph Russo
Bill Meagher
Karen Thomas (Van Ness)
Jeannie Mansour (Peterson)
Cindy Bader
Doug Pringle
Kurt Preising
Charles Boyer
Ray Broemmelsiek
Jeanne Anderson
Sheryl Fox
Bill Prescott
Craig Walsh
Kim Straube (Walsh)
Karen Bergman
Charles Howe
Stephen Bubb
Jeanne Herceg (Ingebretsen)
Terry Brown (Storm)
Susan (Sue) Recine (McMenomey)
Katie McDonnell (Peuvrelle)
Kathy Jones
Kevin Lohrey
Paige Nash (Chastain)
Shelley Wasserman (Rosenthal)
May Sanchez (Lara)
Robert Meyerott
Dharm Hall
Phil March
Vicki Albright
Gretchen Wolff
Katia Prozinski (Mernick)
Judy Garrard (McFadden)
Peter Stevenson
Tim Vittetoe
Peggy Borders (Connors)
David Arbogast
Jeffrey Wexler
David Nielson
Jenny Dienger (Moon)
Corinne Cottle (O'Connell)
Total 84 98