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Lise Knox-Seith
Software Consultant Single Again Listening to Stanley Jordan play guitar outside Breeding a Yorkie, playing bass guitar, art, and a million other things. Yes, the one ten years ago. No good! Guess that's a surprise, hunh? Actually, I'm still pretty serious. Made a living as an engineer and consultant. That can be a little dry so I got interested in music. You can guess what happened then. Being in love with a musician is not a prescription for a traditional life, though the music has kind of rubbed off on me. My big fear now is we'll end up back together and I'll live like this the rest of my life, yikes. Some people think they named the "Lisa" after me. I don't like fame, though. The economy's been bad so I moved out to farm country. But I don't have any cows or horses - yet. Just small furry critters so far. Wow. I'll have to think about that. 2008-09-24 19:44:27
Loura Borges (Kobza)
Married 2 No 2008-08-07 23:39:32
Cyndy Laing (Laing-Curtis)
Healthcare Marketing and Public Relations 5 all of junior year....gymnastics team....homecoming dance, tennis, scuba diving 2008-09-13 16:57:08
Andi Leis
Married 1 2008-08-01 23:36:41
Bill Lowe
Profile picture
Director, Business Analytics, Pharmaceuticals Married 2 Jazz Band, Track and Field, People (definitely not math) Adventure Racing, Golf, Camping, Travel Yes This question makes me feel old...all I will say is that I plan on staying active and doing more with my family, especially before the kids are off to college. Most important thing we have done a lot of is travel and camp, and that is essentially still what I want to do more of. We hiked into the Grand Canyon this year, getting out is someting to brag about! I guess that one covered several million years of history... I would recommend traveling around the world before you start college, or before you start working, hard to do that after you start work and family. 2008-09-28 22:06:27
Looking forward to seeing everyone!
Phil March
Single Again 2 2008-08-12 12:30:45
Stacey Kravitz (Martin)
Child Nutrition Consultant Married 3 10 year 2008-08-24 21:49:41
Susan Mazze
Domestic Goddess Married 2 Anything not sitting at a desk 10th I spent 24 years as a structural engineer, most of it at Northrop Grumman. I tried to balance my time between work and raising my daughter. When my 6 year old son was born, I started working part time to have more time with both kids. I quit 2 years ago to stay home and work at my son's school. My lovely 19 year old daughter is now in college. Take your time in school figuring out what you want to do. Be a foreign exchange student, join the Peace Corps. You will still have 45 years in the work force. 2008-10-15 12:36:16
Gary Meyer
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Department Chair Married 6 Giving Ralph Galloway a hard time Golf, Motocross, Motorcycles nope I have several careers changes from Radio personality in San Francisco, personal and touring Bodyguard for 17 years,and automotive smog tech. to a automotive trade school teacher at Sequoia institute (which is now Wyotech) where I still work as Diagnostic and State of California Smog Program Department Chair. to the freshmen don't piss off the Seniors, and to the seniors it is a tough world out there, be prepared. 2008-08-21 19:25:42

I am hoping to see some old friends, and renew the friendships. GO TITANS

Bob Meyerott
Money Manager Married 4 Baseball /girls and Cars sports,cars,Finance and family 10 year and 20 year I have been living by the beach in La Jolla CA with my great wife Jannine raising 4 kids,one girl and three boys.I stayed in San Diego after attending San Diego State business school.I manage money at Morgan Stanley in La Jolla.I truly enjoy Finance.My wife and kids are my whole life.We go to alot of baseball and football games.I have coached baseball for over 20 years.We enjoy going to the mountains and the beach in the summer.I love going to New York and working on Wall Street.Love the action. Go for it! Life is great make the most of it. 2008-10-09 14:16:33
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